Who is YM?

Ym is a kind and selfless man. Unlike some of his colleagues, he prefers to make the wooden forms of his shoes by himself. … He heals the urchins that come to his shop, comforts them and makes sure they have a good pair of shoes. He is religious and follows the Iriali god known as the One.

Who is a Truthwatcher?

Truthwatcher oaths are themed around seeking to find ultimate truth and sharing it. They are very concerned with knowledge and the proper exploitation of it. … Truthwatchers are more concerned with the fundamental truths of the universe, and whether or not those in power are being truthful with the people they lead.

Who is NIN Stormlight?

Nale, also known as Nalan, Nin, or Nakku, is one of the ten Heralds of The Almighty on Roshar. He’s the Herald of Justice and the patron of the Order of Skybreakers, as well as a Skybreaker himself.

Who is El Cosmere?

Featured InThe Stormlight Archive

Who killed Eshonai?

In the Battle of Narak, she led the listener army, who had taken Stormform, to battle, with the intent to destroy the Alethi forces. After Adolin pushed her into a chasm, she rammed her Shardblade into the ground, in an attempt to not be swept away by the floodwaters. Despite her efforts, Eshonai drowned.

Does Nale have a Larkin?

Notable LarkinEdit She names it Chiri-Chiri. Nale uses one to drain Lift of Lifelight while attempting to capture her. Kaza briefly encounters a creature that fits the description of a larkin in its native Aimia. You may also read,

Who is Ahu Oathbringer?

Ahu was a beggar at the court of King Gavilar in Kholinar. Dalinar found Ahu at the back of the Beggars’ Porch, huddled in the shadows between two large religious statues, and spoke with him there. Check the answer of

What is Renarin spren?

Glys is the spren with which Renarin Kholin has bonded that affords him the Surgebinding abilities of a Truthwatcher. Their bond grants him the Surges of Progression and Illumination. According to Jasnah, Glys is one of the Voidspren.

Who is the strongest Knight radiant?

  • Windrunners. …
  • Lightweavers. …
  • Willshapers. …
  • Elsecallers. …
  • Bondsmiths. …
  • Truthwatchers. …
  • Skybreakers. …
  • Dustbringers.

How many shards Odium killed?

We know that there are 16 shards in total, and we know that Odium has killed 4 of them (Ambition, Honor, Devotion, and Dominion).

Is TEFT a radiant?

As a Knight Radiant who has access to two Surges, Teft also has a resonance.

Is navani a radiant?

At the end of the siege of Urithiru, Navani forms a Nahel bond with the Sibling, becoming a Knight Radiant of the Order of Bondsmiths. This grants her the ability to bind the Surges of Tension and Adhesion.

Why does Taravangian want Dalinar dead?

I am the monster who will save this world.” Taravangian employed Szeth to assassinate some of the most powerful and influential men on Roshar, including Hanavanar, previously King of Jah Keved. … He orders Szeth to kill Dalinar in order to prevent the latter from uniting the Alethi highprinces.

What is a Spren?

spren are elements of the Cognitive Realm that have leaked into the physical world. … They’re concepts that have gained a fragment of sentience, perhaps because of human intervention.” … “Spren are those ideas – the ideas of collective human experience – somehow come alive.”

What Spren did Venli bond?

AbilitiesNahel bond, Willshaper magic, Splinter
Bonded WithVenli, Eshonai (formerly)

Who is the king of Alethkar?

Gavilar Kholin was the King of Alethkar who united the ten Alethi princedoms. He was assassinated by Szeth in 1167, which led his son, Elhokar, to declare the War of Reckoning on the Parshendi. He was an accomplished warrior and a full Shardbearer, possessing both a Shardblade and set of Shardplate.