Why did Athens become the leader of the Delian League?

Several Ionian cities joined together in the Delian League for mutual protection against the Persians. They placed Athens at the head (as hegemon) because of her naval supremacy.

Was Athens the leader of the Delian League?

The Delian League was founded in 478 BCE following the Persian War to be a military alliance against any enemies that might threaten Ionian Greeks. It was led most notably by Athens, who protected all members unable to protect themselves with its massive and powerful navy.

How did Athens dominate the Delian League?

The Delian League was formed to continue fighting the Persian Empire after Persia’s invasions were finally defeated. … In 454 BC, Pericles moved the treasury of the Delian League from Delos to Athens. This proved that Athens completely controlled the Delian League, and effectively began the Athenian Empire.

Why did Athens from the Delian League?

In 454 BC, the Athenian general Pericles moved the Delian League’s treasury from Delos to Athens, allegedly to keep it safe from Persia.

How did Athens take a leading role in the Delian League?

Under Pericles, how did Athens take a leading role in the Delian League? … – Members elected Athens as the leader of the league. – Pericles offered money to build a fleet of trade ships.

Why did Athens lose the Peloponnesian War?

In 430 BC, an outbreak of a plague hit Athens. The plague ravaged the densely packed city, and in the long run, was a significant cause of its final defeat. The plague wiped out over 30,000 citizens, sailors and soldiers, including Pericles and his sons. Roughly one-third to two-thirds of the Athenian population died. You may also read,

Why was it so difficult for Athens and Sparta to defeat each other?

It was difficult for Athens and Sparta to defeat each other because their armies were so powerful ,but they also were strong in different ways. Check the answer of

What did Athens use the Delian League's treasury money for?

Athens was its undisputed leader and gradually used the alliance as a springboard for its own imperial ambitions. By 454, when the League’s treasury was transferred to Athens and used to fund monuments of imperial splendor such as the Parthenon, it had become an empire in all but name.

How was Delos destroyed?

The prosperity of the island and the friendly relations with the Romans were the main cause of its destruction. Delos was attacked and looted twice: in 88 BC by Mithridates, the King of Pontus, an enemy of the Romans, and later, in 69 BC, by the pirates of Athenodorus, an ally of Mithridates. Read:

Why did Pericles rebuild Athens?

Pericles is perhaps most famous for his great building projects. He wanted to establish Athens as the leader of the Greek world and wanted to build an acropolis that represented the city’s glory. He rebuilt many temples on the acropolis that were destroyed by the Persians.

How did Athens benefit from forming the Delian League quizlet?

Building on the threat of a Persian invasion, Athens promised protection in exchange for power and wealth. … He rebuilt AThens by using the money donated from the Delian League.

Which is the best description of the Delian League?

They sometimes fought with and sometimes fought against each other. Which is the best description of the Delian League? A military alliance between Athens and others Greek city-states.

Why did Sparta not join the Delian League?

Sparta didn’t join the Delian League because it was led by Athens and Athens and Sparta were traditionally rivals.

Why was a good Navy important to Athens?

The Athenian navy was relatively nonexistent until slightly before the Second Persian Invasion, and it was developed to safeguard Ancient Greece from the Persians. … This is especially true since the Greeks won at the Battle of Salamis, and this is said to have been an important victory in that war.

Why did Sparta create the Peloponnesian League?

The League was founded so that Sparta might protect itself against both a possible uprising of Sparta’s helots and regional rival Argos. Thucydides in his History of the Peloponnesian War describes the workings of the League. Members sent delegates to meetings where each city held one vote.

How did Pericles strengthen democracy?

To strengthen democracy, Pericles increased the number of public officials who were paid. Earlier in Athens, most positions were unpaid. This made it hard for less wealthy people to hold government jobs. Now even the poorest citizen could serve if elected.