Why did Granny scold Hamid?

Granny scolded Hamid for buying her a pair of tongs. Q A. 5.

Who were Hamid’s friends 7th English?

Hamid’s friends are Mahmood, Mohsin, Noorey and Sammi.

What did Granny say about Hamids parents?

Granny told that Hamid’s father had gone to earn money and his mother had gone to Allah to get lovely gifts for Hamid.

Why is Granny Ameena worried and upset?

Granny Ameena was upset because her grandchild was to fair all alone himself. As he was too small to go alone and also he was not having proper slippers in his feet. The way to idgah was too far . that’s why Granny was upset.

How did Hamid’s friends enjoy at the fair?

Hamid’s friends Mahmood, Mohsin and Noorey mounted on the wooden horses and camels for a merry-go-round. They enjoyed games in the fair for the amount of one paisa. Q A. 3.

What did Hamid's friends buy at the fair?

Hamid bought a pair of tongs for his Granny at the fair. You may also read,

Who were Hamid's friends what did they buy?

Hamid buys a tongs. His friends used to buy toys and sweet, but Hamid bought a tongs. Check the answer of

Why did the grandmother cry in the end of the story idgah?

He always observrd his grandmother while baking chapati. He noticed that she got hurt because she did not have tongue to pick the chapati. … He told her this tongue was more mandatory than enjoyment of fair. Hence she was crying.

Why is Granny worried?

Ans-Granny was worried because she did not want to let Hamid go to the fair all by himself. He may get lost in the crowd and he had to walk three miles. She wondered how he could when he didn’t even have a pair of shoes. He might get blisters on his feet. Read:

Why Hamid is ridiculed by his friends?

​ Answer: his friends ridicule him on buying the chimta.

How did Hamid express his love towards her?

Answer: Hamid express his love to granny by buying him a metal rod which was used to cook chapati.

How did Hamid's friends?

Hamid’s friends mounted on the wooden horses and camels in the merry-go-round and enjoyed twenty five rounds of fun in the fair.

How did the Traveller feel when nobody answered?

The Traveller felt confused and stood still when nobody answered him.

How did Hamid prove to his friends that his tongs are better than their toys?

But Hamid showed his friends that it would not break like their toys when it is thrown down, when he places the tongs on his shoulders, it is a gun and when Hamid carries it in his hands, it is like a musical instrument carried by the singing monks. So he proved his friends that his tongs are like a tiger among toys.

How much did Hamid make for the Idgah fair?

Hamid is notably impoverished next to his friends, poorly dressed and famished-looking, and has only three paise as Eidi for the festival. The other boys spend their pocket money on rides, candies and beautiful clay toys, and tease Hamid when he dismisses this as a waste of money for momentary pleasure.

Why did Hamid purchase in the fair?

Hamid bought a pair of tongs for his Granny at the fair.